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Do Not Take Your Eye Off The Ball

(December 02, 2013)

  A veteran community campaigner has demanded extra civic vigilance during the period of good will towards all people as experiences from the past have sometimes fallen short of others showing good will.

  "Whether it is central government, local government, or others looking to further unpopular policies and ideas, this is the time that is now accepted as the most oppurtune to sneak things through," says Independent Town Councillor Paul M<acdonald.

  "I am trying to be vigilant but it will take a real team effort by our community and others to keep our eye on the vrious balls that are in the air at the moment.

  "We cannmot allow ourselves too much relaxation from the real sense of purpose that our town has at the moment to ensure that we keep all that is good about Warminster and strive to encourage a real positive approach to those things that are not good."

  The Wiltshire 'Core Strategy' has still not been published and is now so far overdue that it has allowed some to argue that the current district plan is defunct and that the town is not protected from the circling property developers.

  "This month is now crucial," adds Cllr. Macdonald. "Although the call for all action groups to be eradicated has not been heeded they still need to remain alert.

  "We have to make sure that our thoughts which will be on the forthcoming Christmas time of celebration, and relaxation for most, do not allow a relaxation of the vigilant defence of the best features of our town.

  Warminster has had a busy year of increasing public involvement in the applications that have poured into the planning authority.

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