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Paul gives sound reasons for refusal

(February 01, 2014)

Councillor Paul Macdonald who represents the East Ward where a controversial planning application has been lodged for a water meadow has written to county hall objecting.

'I would ask you refer to the reasons for refusal that Warminster Town Council gave to the previous plan that this re-submission replaces,' requests Paul.

'They related to the River Wylye, the settlement line, maintaining a sustainable balance between development and the environment, the adverse effect on an important water course, and flooding.

'All these are sound current planning policies reasons.

'There was nothing exceptional in that application to override these grounds for refusals.

'There was also no reference to the design or layout of that application. All that this application has done is to change the design and layout.

'There is still nothing exceptional so the reasons for refusal referred to previously still stand.

'There is now a further ground for refusal. The loss of amenity to neighbouring properties.

'It is the unanimous view of the town council ward members that this application should be refused.

'Thanking you for your attention to this.'

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