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Fair play call from resident's leader

(February 02, 2014)

NIck Parker has issued a plea to Wiltshire Council planners for fairness about a controversial an application to build houses on a water meadow.

The chairman of the East Boreham Residents Action Group (EBRAG) was just one of some 40 residents who write formally objecting to the plan for 35 houses on the banks of the River Wylyle and a tributary known historically as Spurt Mead.

'Please ensure the local community is informed before consideration, to ensure fair and objective decisions are made following representation by the local community,' writes Mr. Parker.

'Having attended the town council planning meeting, where the previous planning refusal was reversed, the four supporting councillors came to the meeting with pre-determined ideas,' continues the EBRAG leader after first spelling out the planning grounds for refusal.

'(They) paid no attention to the considerable community views against including the four East Ward councillors and failed to engage in any meaningful debate.

'Indeed, one councillor actually proposed a motion in favour before any remarks were made by the committee,' adds Mr. Parker who attended the planning advisory meeting.

'The process was undemocratic, paid no attention to public views and indeed was seen to be totally biased by later refusing (to support) an application in the West facing the same issues as Spurt Mead.'

The application has been 'called in'  by Wiltshire Council unitary member Andrew Davis for debate by councillors. This action withdraws it from the use of delegated powers that allow officers to produce a report and then take the decision.

The report will when completed will go to a meeting open to the public to attend.

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