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Welling goes - Time for Tony Award?

(May 14, 2014)

VOTERS in Warminster west ward are likely to be going to the polls in the summer after the resignation of a Tory town councillor Steve Welling.

Mr Welling, who is running a bouncy castle business, says things have taken off recently and he can no longer devote time to the council.

"Oh really!" remarks councillor Steve Dancey.

"Wonderful news that Mr Welling's business has found wings in the current economic upturn.

"He sent a note to the council so we can't congratulate him in person.

"Sadly I won't be able to congratulate him in the street because I don't know what he looks like.

"The Conservative member attended very few meetings and I don't think he ever said anything.

"Hopefully the blues will put up Tony Nicklin - he'll be easy to beat."

Former councillor Welling is known to those who visit the town park. He occasionally runs the pedaloes (boats) on the lake there.

Intriguing Demand

The news soon spread among the townsfolk who live to the west of the Obelisk.

"I do not know if I should pursue an intriguing demand that is now gaining favour," adds fellow Independent East ward councillor Paul Macdonald.

"The ward that this former councillor represented was uncontested a year ago."

Two wards in the town were contested and in those wards all five Independent candidates won and Tories proved unpopular.

"It sent a message that the town wants the choice," explains Paul.

"The idea is if the election is held should the other councillors who took seats in that way be asked a question by the West Ward?" explains Paul.

"An election will likely be called. Stand down as well and get the same popular endorsement as those in two other wards. 

"There will be no extra cost to the public purse if they act quickly."

*A by-election will be held if ten electors of the ward request that it be held within a short time.


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