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Fouling Initiative Goes Forward

(June 17, 2014)

  The call for action to be taken to tackle the problems of dog fouling on the streets has taken a step forward as Westbury Town are being asked to join in.

  Warminster town councillor Paul Macdonald will see his request for a partnership to be formed with Westbury Town Council discussed at a meeting on Monday (hot topic -Tuesday 10th June).

  In Westbury Councillor Russell Hawker likes the idea and has submitted a similar 'notice of motion' that will be discussed the following Monday.

  "I welcome this positive response from Westbury and hope we can build on the succesful relationship we currently enjoy running the CCTV cameras for both towns," said Paul.

  "The public are clamouring for something to be done. We must explore this fully and come up with an answer."

  "It is a no-brainer really," said Russell. "We have in Westbury tried in the past to deal with this.

  "I now see a real opportunity to take this forward."

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