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(July 07, 2014)

Petition Poser for Councillor

Comment by Paul Macdonald

gully 001a 17-05-2014 09-10-00We have heard a lot from the county hall public relations machine in our first year as newly elected town councillors looking at their countless press releases and  newsletters penned by how many?

If Wiltshire Council really thinks this counts for anything then perhaps they need to employ a 'Devil's advocate' to publish where they are going so wrong.

I feel like challenging them to publish this picture and my account of why months have gone by without a simple few minutes of remedy with an apology to not only me but our town clerk. We have reported this for month after month.

I am elected to speak for residents and I am being ignored. Shall I have to say to them I cannot help you will have to raise your own petition. Or go to the MP?

Recycling Reprieve

Wiltshire Council seem to have 'bottled out' of carrying out completely the removal of all mini-recycling centres as the town of Warminster is now being told a town councillor.

"The dumping by our unitary authority of the taking away of plastic bottles, cardboard, tin cans and the like at well-used places around the town that began ironically at the Conservative Club in Prestbury Drive has been halted for one year," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"We lost the busiest at the car park just behind the a few weeks ago but the central car park is now saved.

"It will be interesting to see what happens to the green bin collection service."

*Squeeze on Green Funding hot topic June 24th

Warminster Needs a Boost

The election of new Independent councillors in Warminster is widely regarded by ordinary townsfolk as a success.

The chance for another fresh face with no political affliation has been delivered by the resignation of a Tory member of town council with a by-election on Thursday 24th July.

"I have put myself forward not only to stand against the very worrying way this town is being asked to take too much housing but also a way to talk-up our lovely town that we want to keep," said West Ward candidate Stacie Allensby.

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