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Hot snippets - World War One - Dog fouling - West Ward

(July 15, 2014)

'Whole-hearted' Australian High Commission

Australia House in London have given a positive and 'whole-hearted response' to an approach from Independent town councillor Steve Dancey.

Councillor Dancey at a meeting of the town council put forward his ideas for a bronze statue of an Australian Soldier with his horse receiving a letter from home.

"There were 70,000 Australian soldiers based close to Warminster," said Steve."They were all volunteers.

"I propose we seek Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors of a statue as I do not propose that council tax payers cover the whole cost and that we suspend standing orders to allow us to see a presentation."

After hearing from the artist who would design and supply the memorial next year timed to coincide with the Gallipoli campaign anniversary  the town council have agreed to support this World War One project going forward.

Councillors had read a letter from Colonel Peter Steel based at Australia House in The Strand in London 'our view is that any such commemoration is commendable, and we wholeheartedly endorse it'.

"I remind councillors of what I said at our last meeting," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald. "This is a once in a 100-year-old event and it must be considered in that light."

Dog Fouling Initiative

Warminster town council have taken another step forward backing the dog fouling initiative of Councillor Paul Macdonald put forard last month.

Councillors Paul Batchelor and Nick Dombkowski will be joined by Mayor Andrew Davis in a new working relationship with Westbury Town Council.

"I believe that we have a real chance to deal with this problem working together with our near neighbours who experience the same disgusting  problem," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

A Little Aside

The town council  by-election countdown is well underway in Warminster for the west ward that is currently represented by those who sit without being voted in.

"Just as a litle aside I would like to urge voters to turn out this time," said Paul Macdonald.

"I would like to see Stacie join us around as a town councillor."

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