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Carpet fitter to Councillor to Road Sweep

(July 19, 2014)

  All three emergency services sped to the scene of a two car-collision in Warminster that caused alarm when smoke was seen coming from one of them.

rtc east end 004a 19-07-2014 13-38-54  Both drivers felt the impact of the safety airbags being exploded as the vehicles collided at the junction of East End Avenue and East Street on Saturday afternoon.

  A shopworker saw the smoke and made the call to alert the local retained firefighters.

  A first response ambulance arrived just after 1.30pm joined by several police officers and a fire crew.

  Both badly shaken drivers were taken by ambulance to hospital and the traffic was able to drive past the scene while recovery vehicles were summoned.

 Community Politician

  Two hours later and the badly damaged car and taxi had been removed but one side of East End Avenue was left with broken glass and debris causing cars to swerve to avoid it.

davis road sweep 004-001  "I was working on my own so I could not get out there to clear it up myself," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

  "I tried to find a Wiltshire Council highways number unsuccessfully so I rang around other local councillors.

  "I managed to speak to Andrew Davis who is also a county councillor and asked him to help. I said that I would be out there doing it myself.

  "Andrew was walking home suited and booted with his wife. He was surprised that the police had not tidied it up.

  "Shortly afterwards he was back more suitably clothed with a brush and bucket and quickly made the area safe.

  "A big thank you to Andrew. Will he become an old-fashioned community politician in action more often now?"

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