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Steve ends his long career in journalism with a party

(October 21, 2014)

  VISION for Warminster co-author and town councillor Steve Dancey has announced that he is leaving journalism after almost a quarter of a century in the business.

  His various jobs have seen him work in Christchurch, Ringwood, Salisbury, Devizes and latterly, Andover, where he occupied the editor's chair for the past two and a half years overseeing the work of seven journalists as 'head of editorial' on the Andover Advertiser.

  The Andover Advertiser is a traditional paid-for founded in 1858 and a sister paper of The Wiltshire Times and Salisbury Journal.

  Steve said: "The break was a civilised one. I've enjoyed my time working in newspapers but times change and nothing lasts for ever.

  "The thing I'll miss most is the buzz of the newsrooms and the amazing characters who work in them."

  To mark his departure Steve held a farewell party in Andover's White Hart Hotel for old colleagues and some close contacts.

  Among those who attended was the town's MP and former Leader of the House of Commons Sir George Young. (To read Sir George's comments CLICK HERE)

  Steve said: "When it comes to being a constituency MP SGY is in a class of his own and always a delight for a journalist to have dealings with."

  Despite enjoying the challenges of leadership Steve added that economic pressures, obstructive officials and changes in technology are making the life of journalists less of a joy.

  He said: "People employed in big organisations' corporate communications departments are happy to puff out endless useless press releases for the band of  lazy journalists to cut and paste, but their parallel function is to  obstruct and prevent reporters getting to the truth.

  "Sadly fewer and fewer local reporters seem to have the time or inclination to properly research stories fully. However in just a few years there won't be much of the industry left to worry about."

  The changes means that Steve now has more time to devote to town council matters.

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