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Short termist George Osborne to sell off Warminster's Defence Support Group against the national interest - and the local interest

(November 20, 2014)

THE  Government has announced today that it will press on with the sale of the Defence Support Group (DSG) - against the best interests of defence and the long term finances of the country.

Almost 200 workers based in Warminster will be affected by the change if Babcock, the preferred bidder announced today, presses on with the purchase.

Warminster councillor Steve Dancey, who has followed this story for some time, said: "From what I have been told this will lead to lower standards of safety for our armed forces and a rotten deal for the taxpayer in the medium to long term.

"It will give our cringeworthy, short-termist chancellor of the exchequer a tiny one-of financial boost enabling him  to shave a scintilla off his ballooning budget deficit.

"DSG has been operating in a quasi commercial and artificial market environment for several years and this has already led to lower standards - now the politicians are failing us again.

"The Conservatives certainly don't deserve our votes next May."

The full detail of the crazy fire-sale will be released in January and the Government hopes it will pocket the cash in March - just in time for May's General Election."

"This is once again a real 'Wake up Warminster' issue," says Warminster councillor Paul Macdonald.

"The MP Dr. Andrew Murrison is no longer a coalition defence minster having new duties but he is hopefully fully aware."

Many readers will know people who work for DSG - just ask them how they feel!

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