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Town's mall may be locked up at night shock.

(December 07, 2014)

NEW River Retail, the latest owners of Warminster's Three Horseshoe's Mall, have said they are looking at the possibility closing off the area at night.
Such a move would block an important right of way.
Town councillors have been informed of a meeting which took place between the town clerk and the centre's manager Peter Ruscoe, who works for Bournemouth based Sovereign management.
The owners of the mall have, we are told set out a number of positive steps that are to be taken to improve the important shopping facility.
These include new seating, a pick-up post point with locable cabinets for parcels, a phone accessory booth, better lighting, possible rebranding and a new layer of asphalt for the Iceland car park.
Then a memo says 'they would like to investigate the possibility of securing the mall at night'.
That is corporate speak for shutting it off.
Councillor Steve Dancey, said: "I welcome the arrival of new owners and most of their plans, including the focus on getting the shops let.
"However, having experienced shopping centre areas closed in other towns I have a very uneasy feeling about shutting off such a large area of a relatively small town centre.
"There are obviously some benefits but these would have to be weighed against the lack of utility which resulted from the closure of this thoroughfare.
"I'm still not at all happy with The Anchor pub closing down a similar right of way (past the old Paynes store) which I know for sure had been in use for at least 50 years."

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