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Steve's letter to the Wiltshire Times last Friday

(March 09, 2015)

I was alarmed to read in last week's edition that Wiltshire Council enforcers are using section 215 powers in the courts to attack an unobtrusive green bumper recycling initiative in Crockerton, owned by the Medlicotts.
At the same time council officers refuse to use these same powers to force the removal of very obtrusive scaffolding in Warminster High Street.
The council officials could be wasting their time, and everyone else's money in Crockerton, as my understanding is that the powers under section 215 can only be used when a problem is visible from the public realm.
I have checked and while the Medlicott bumpers mentioned in the report in Crockerton are very well screened from public view, the scaffolding in Warminster is a highly visible and huge annoyance to thousands of people every day.
Surely it is time for Wiltshire Council to sort out its priorities and do some good for a change?
Perhaps they are worried that challenging a company which owns a town centre building surrounded by scaffolding in Warminster could prove expensive but have decided that litigation against a small green non-profitmaking initiative owned by vulnerable pensioners is within their means.
Shame on the council officials and also the magistrates for blindly following their lead. 
However I do retain greater faith that justice may prevail in the crown court.
Cllr Steve Dancey

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