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Talk of the Town meeting

(April 21, 2015)

A Warminster council meeting that is becoming the talk of the town as news spreads by word of mouth about what went on has led to a call from one councillor for local people involvement at an earlier stage in their deliberations.

"The parish meeting last evening at the civic centre which was open to the public to ask questions about the town and put forward to the town council as many as they could freely," said Independent councillor Nick Dombkowski.

"It was a pleasure to see a far better turn out up from last year by two thousand per cent.

"The Neighbourhood Plan debate was lively.  Some  members of the public present said the plan was confusing.

"The opportunity for ordinary members of the public being invited to sit on the working group from its concept would of been a better option.

"Then perhaps some of the ill-chosen ideas would not be included in the plan like the proposed road through the Avenue via central car park to Portway or the demolition of the Police Houses and a perfectly good library."

Mayoral Outburst

At one point in the meeting fellow Independent councillor Paul Macdonald had to stop the chairman of the meeting Councillor Andrew Davis from speaking asking him to 'withdraw those words'.

"I think members of the public do care about Warminster otherwise they would not live here," said Cllr. Dombkowski.

"The Mayor had to withdraw his words of 'You obviously don't care about this town' to one gentleman and publicly apologise.

"Sometimes speaking without thinking can be our undoing. Sometimes there's a time to stay silent also, listen, and let the other person speak.

"I would ask the mayor to read Proverbs 10:13. It says 'In the lips of him that hath discernment wisdom is found'.

"Perhaps he should read the rest of it."

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