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Day of Action against 'sneaky' plan

(April 22, 2015)

Tracy Scott is one of the least likely of local residents to start a protest movement in the market town of Warminster until a leaflet from three Independent councillors dropped through her door.

"I would not have known anything about this link road plan," said the 44-year-old Portway estate resident.

"I knew straight away I had to get involved and see for myself what this was all about.

"I have been to an exhibition and I knew I had to do something so I have launched a protest petition and I have organised a protest day for Friday on social media and getting posters put up."

The 2011 Localism Act was trumpeted by the government as giving communities a chance to have a say in how their towns and villages would develop by producing a neighbourhood plan.

Two years later Warminster town council woke up to this opportunity after newly elected Independent councillors proposed the setting up of the working group.

It has taken another two years to finally go to general public consultation as required the Localism Act.

In the weeks leading up to the official release of the plan town councillors were instructed in writing not to reveal its details until the very last minute had been recorded.

Bit Sneaky

tracy ave 002aArmed with a clipboard with details of the neighbourhood plan to show to passers-by so that they know exactly what they are signing Tracy with a friend has gained over 300 signatures already.

"I discovered that the literature that I was shown it did not have the (new road) diagram in it. I just thought that was a little bit sneaky.

"Right at the back there is a tiny little box G1 or G8 I think they call it.

"Bit like they are trying to hide it. And I did not like the way one supporter of the new road made me feel that tall," she complained holding her finger and thumb an inch apart.

"I had to do this. Why have we heard about this so late in the day?

"The Avenue is a vital safe route for me as I look after my daughter who will again soon be in a wheelchair.

"It has always been a safe route for children going to the Avenue and Kingdown schools.

"Ruth Atyeo saved the lane once. We can save it again."

*At the town council meeting on Monday night neighbourhood plan working group member councillor Jamie Cullen agreed that this was a very late addition to the plan.

*He told residents present that it was not originally included because there was no support traffic flow information research to back it up.

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