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Hustings Coalition 'Flagship' Policy Sunk

(May 03, 2015)

Warminster hosted the last hustings for the five general election candidates in the SW Wiltshire race to the line on Thursday.

Queensway resident Ringo yesterday clicked the visionforwarminster link to the live community radio broadcast at his home and for ninety minutes followed the debate.

"The questions and answers that stood out for me made me chuckle, then react strongly, and quietly cheer the presenter for his interventions," says Ringo.

"The one that made me chuckle was from a listener about our railways," said the family man listening in his kitchen.

"The question asked was why rising fares for passengers which they kept having to pay.

"Is the town Trowbridge getting further away from Warminster?

"I also said 'yes!' to the candidate who stated that huge cost to the proposed super fast rail link from London to the North was merely for a few midlands businessmen who could get an extra 15 minute lie in the mornings.

"It would not would not benefit ordinary Joe public like me. Why not concentrate on our existing network.

"Well done to the 19-year-old Labour candidate for calling for nationalisation of the railways and I think winning the argument against the very experienced Tory MP.

"And of course the importance of Warminster retaining its community hospital and having a Minor Injuries unit reinstated which the UKIP candidate demanded in no uncertain terms.

"He also spoke about the loss of the Hopper bus. I think he won in his exchanges with the Conservative about this.

"So many who have to rely on others to transport them to further away when it could so easily be done locally," added Ringo.

Aircraft Carrier Defence Policy Sunk

hustings 007a"And even Andrew Robinson the presenter wrong-footed the Tory about his boast of the new HMS Elizabeth aircraft carrier in response to a question about spending billions on Trident and cutting back on the number of soldiers, sailors, and airmen," observed Ringo

"Can you explain to the audience why it is a ship which has no aircraft to fly from it said Andrew launching his own brilliant torpedo.

"I chuckled again. It was by and large entertaining so thumbs-up WCR."

The hustings was broadcast live from 10.30am until midday from the civic centre next door to the home of Warminster Community radio.

"I was delighted to host this election debate and I am pleased with its success," said WCR presenter Andrew Robinson (pictured above).

"The five candidates debated in a lively but respectful manner and the audience questions were superb.

"We were able to cover a range of topics on local, national and international policy areas.

"Being just five days before polling day meant the event was the last hustings that the candidates take part in together before voting on Thursday."

A three-minute edited version is available on the WCR website along with the unedited ninety minutes.

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