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Spurt Mead permission quashed by High Court judge following judicial review

(October 10, 2015)

A HIGH Court judge has decided that the planning permission granted for Spurt Mead in WarminsTer should be overturned.

The decision follows an expensive judicial review into Wiltshire Council's granting of permission in early 2015, given despite massive objections from local people.

The council's planning committee had voted 6 - 5 in favour of the application but the judge decided that certain links between Selwood Housing and the council could have led to bias.

Selwood, which started life as West Wiltshire Housing Society (an offshoot of the former West Wiltshire District Council), had been linked with the development and an officer of the association was present when the application was determined at County Hall.

Most of the homes planned on the banks of the protected River Wylye chalk stream were to have been expensive executive monstrosities much loved by former 'Yuppies'.

Town Councillor Steve Dancey said: "News of the plans for this stretch of riverbank was one oft he prime reasons why I decided to stand for election again after a 20 year gap.

"I'm pleased that the court has taken this view - showing once again that the court, if not the council, is worthy of our continued respect.

"Spurt Mead has been protected because many are passionate about it but also because some of these people have deep pockets and are prepared to back their passion with cash.

"How many other decisions taken by Wiltshire Council are equally unfair but cannot be challenged?"

"Wiltshire Council needs a new team in charge - councillors and officers.

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