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Last Orders For Iconic Tea Hut

(January 10, 2016)

A Warminster town councillor has launched a last ditch attempt to rally fellow members to give a reprieve to the tea hut that generations have enjoyed in the town park.

Park Tea Hut 002"I am not sure that whoever took this decision understands the value that the people of Warminster put on this," said Independent Councillor Nick Dombkowski.

"So many people have spoken to me about this over the last year and this week when they saw it fenced off.

"In my last chat with councillors Paul Macdonald and Steve Dancey just before Christmas we were hoping that when the survey of the town park is done as part of the transfer of it from Wiltshire Council it would give us the opportunity give it a new lease of life."

The demolition was believed to have originally been intended to be completed on Friday but a phone call from another ward councllor and flurry of e-mails since Wednesday may have been the cause in the delay.

"I have sent an e-mail today to all town councillors asking them to urgently consider that as the Town Park is currently part of the Community Asset Transfer Process if they are in agreement that the tea hut could be saved until the survey of everything in the park has been completed."

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