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BBC Apologises To Warminster

(January 19, 2016)

The BBC was forced to apologise to the town of Warminster today when a video of still pictures they posted on the Wiltshire Sound facebook page wrongly blamed the town council for the state of the town park.

In the broadcast on the Ben Prater show just after 7am a reporter walked around the Lakeside Pleasure grounds interviewing visitors.

The missing tea hut, the pavilion cafe being shut, the state of the paddling 'pond', were all covered in the five minute report.

It concluded with an interview with Independent town councillor Nick Dombkowski who launched the unsuccessful last ditch attempt to save the tea hut reported on the front page of last week's Warminster Journal.

He spoke about the 'hidden gem that is the paddling pool' as he called for an alternative to the temporary fix at the start of each season in the closing moments of the radio piece.

"And If you want to know what the Lake pleasure grounds look like," said presenter Ben Prater ending the news report. "If you need photos in front of you there are pictures on our BBC Wiltshire's facebook page."

bbc apology 002

One of the photos carried the words 'The Town Council doesn't know where the money will come from for the refurbishments' when it should have been County Council who were lacking the money to do anything about it.

Independent town councillor Paul Macdonald reacted immediately he spotted the mistake posting the comment 'I am surprised at the BBC. This report is inaccurate. Wiltshire Council are the local authority who do not know where the money is coming from. The town council last night passed a forward looking budget that has put aside money to bring the park back up to scratch once it takes it over.'

An apology was posted shortly afterwards as more Warminster residents complained about the inaccuracy.

bbc apology 003It read 'AMENDMENT: Wiltshire Council are the local authority in charge, as reported on air in an interview this morning. We apologise that the online post had not been amended before publication.'

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