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Warminster Residents Backing Frack No Banner

(February 05, 2016)

The leading local newspaper in Warminster today published a report on the national Fracking Solidarity Sunday rally held at the highly symbolic Westbury White Horse.

Estimates vary from 80 to 120 residents many of them from Warminster who attended the unveiling of the 'Frack?No!' banner.wj frack 03 02 16a

"I joined the throng having offered lifts to those who need it," said Crockerton resident John Medlicott.

"It was good to read the report in the Warminster Journal today.

"About one hundred plus peacefully protested.

"Despite ferocious winds spirits were high as people came by car and train.

"Local people were joined by others from as far away as Bridgwater, Andover, Salisbury and Newbury."

*The Warminster Journal is published at Coates and Parker in the Market Place. They offer a postal service to those that live outside their circulation area.

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