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Is Wiltshire Council Now Wiltingshire?

(February 11, 2016)

Wiltshire Council services in key areas of civic pride are wilting under the political pressure to carry out the Conservative Party cabinet led austerity progamme.

bus shelter portway 004a"A simple request that I estimate would cost about £100 to replace a perspex pane in a bus shelter that Wiltshire Council owns is now no longer important to them despite it being used by the elderly and infirm some of whom are visiting Warminster Hospital," said Cllr Paul Macdonald.

"I am completely dismayed about what is going on now as I have also noticed that litter bins seem to be disappearing as well.

"I used the Wiltshire Council all singing all dancing internet reporting system to point out the problem at the Portway bus shelter after being approached by a concerned resident."

'Dear Cllr Macdonald, Thank you for your report of missing bus shelter glass.' Customer Services at Trowbridge replied.

'Please see Wiltshire Council's policy on Bus Shelters below: Damage to our bus shelters will be made safe and

broken glass, etc removed. Where damage is of a nature that the shelter becomes beyond economic repair, the shelter will be removed.'

'The town or parish council will be given the opportunity to fund the repair and maintenance of any damaged shelter. Unfortunately, Wiltshire Council will no longer replace missing bus shelter glass.'

You may wish to raise this issue with Warminster Town Council who may fund the repairs.'

"Wiltshire council are cutting everything and apparently no longer responsible for anything," complained Portway resident Tracy Scott.

"So I would like to know exactly what we are paying council tax for. Personally I am not surprised by this due to the drop kerb response and no response at all in response to my letter about the toilets.

"Is it possible to find out what it will cost to replace this pane of perspex."

Paul has spoken to the town clerk and this issue is now being brought to a meeting of the town council.

He hopes fellow councillors will agree to taking over the ownership of the eight shelters that county hall owns but are not interested in.

"Just shows how little regard they have for people not as fortunate as themselves able to drive everywhere and how little civic pride anymore," said Paul.

"So many services are wilting and withering away I think county hall should be renamed the home of Wiltingshire Council!"

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