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Where Everybody Mutters

(February 16, 2016)

WILTSHIRE Council's strapline 'Where Everybody Matters' was lampooned as 'Where Everybody Mutters' by Lib Dem councillor Trevor Carbin when it was unveiled in 2008 - but how right he was.

At the strategic planning committee meeting where the gypsy site proposal was approved both officers and members lived up to their silly motto.

Firstly it was the officers who mumbled their was through the report at such low volume that even those with very good hearing stood little chance of catching the meaning of the words if they were seated in the public seats.

Then it was the councillors, most of whom seemed determined to speak more softly than the officers. Even chairman Andrew Davis was hard to hear.

"Wiltshire Council officers and members need to do better to ensure that people attending can actually hear what is being said," said town councillor Steve Dancey.

"The poor sound is particularly galling bearing in mind the millions of pounds that were spent updating County Hall only a couple of years ago. Was it money well spent?"

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