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Why I'm backing BREXIT

(February 20, 2016)

AFTER months of desperate frantic effort the Prime Minister has achieved almost nothing by his negotiations with the EU.

Crucially the minor changes allowed will do nothing to check the flows of millions of people flooding into the country from the EU nor will it bring any powers back to our elected House of Commons.

We are now suffering a net inflow of a million people every 38 months and the country cannot accommodate these people forever without causing huge suffering to resident British people.

The excess population explosion drives down the wages of workers at the lower end of the labour market, hugely forces up the cost of housing whether rented or for sale, overcrowds our schools to an unacceptable degree and is pushing other services to the point of collapse.

Economic stagnation in continental Europe will continue to push people across the channel while the introduction of the living wage will add another powerful pull factor.

The minor tinkering of Cameron's 'emergency brake' will make almost no difference to the flood of euro immigrants. Unless checked this flood of people will lead to the south of England being largely concreted over and urbanised within a generation - that is where the settlers will want to live.

We now have a population of 65 million people but immigration will boost this to 75 million in just 31 years and, if coupled with natural increase (the excess of births over death) it can be expected to reach 85 million by 2050. Do we want that?

Steve Dancey, said: "The need to control our borders and create a fair immigration system, which doesn't discriminate in favour of Europeans but favours those who offer the skills we need is vital to our future.

"I find it particularly unacceptable that we give preference to eastern Europeans from places like Bulgaria and Rumania, yet we routinely tell skilled  English speaking people from Canada, Australia, Barbados and the USA that they are not welcome here. What on earth are we doing?

"Cameron's negotiation was embarrassing as the spineless PR man accepted a few crumbs from the EU oligarchs. But his twisting and turning at least showed how unyielding and masterful the oligarchs are, supremely powerful in their undemocratic positions. Even when the EU's second largest economy threatens to leave they fail to move an inch. There is no possibility whatsoever of transforming the EU from within.

"The more I see of Juncker and Co in Brussels the more I feel that they come from the same box as those who have been running FIFA and athletics for the past three decades.

"I have no hesitation in backing BREXIT and will be campaigning with the group."

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