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EU Referendum declaration times revealed

(May 28, 2016)

EU Referendum declaration times revealed to press

COUNTING in the EU referendum will continue overnight on 24 June with the first results expected very quickly after the polls close.

Competing for first place in the declaraton stakes will be Sunderland in the North East and Foyle in Northern Ireland.

Sunderland should be a safe win for Brexit as it is a strong traditional working class area hard hit by globilisation and Britain's EU membership. It has few champagne socialists. Foyle is likely to opt for remain at about 12.30am - close the the Irish border it is likely to have worries about cross border trade if Britain leaves the EU.

Locally Swindon is expected to be among the first to declare with the numbers in by 1pm. It will give a very good guide to where the national vote is headed as it is often seen as a bellweather at election time.

If the Leave group fails to win Barking and Dagenham by a significant margin at around 2.30am then you can go to bed unhappy (or perhaps not) in the knowledge that we will continue under the EU yoke for a while longer.

In Wiltshire the vote will be counted in four centres  - Salisbury, Trowbridge, Chippenham and Devizes. Verification of the votes will be completed by 2pm and the result announced at around 4.30am. Of course it will only be worth waiting up until then if Barking and Dagenham went strongly for leave.

It could be interesting!





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