I am one of three independent candidates standing for the Warminster east ward of the town council.


 INDEPENDENT Steve Dancey has lived in Warminster since 1958 and was educated at St John’s CE Primary and Kingdown before spending three years at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

He has been employed full-time as a journalist for more than 20 years and is currently 'head of editorial' at one of Hampshire’s oldest and most successful newspapers.

He has served as a county councillor and was chairman of the county’s economic development committee in the 1990s.

He said: “Electors face a simple test. Two weeks ago the town council made you, the council taxpayer, pay for a double-page centre spread in The Warminster Journal highlighting the council activities and existing members.

“This council funded advert  flouted the electoral legislation covering the six-week period of ‘purdah’ which is universally accepted as a means to try to provide a level playing field during the elections period so they are a fair contest.

“The choice you face it between those who know why their action was totally wrong and those who seem to think it acceptable.”

Steve's family is well known in the town - especially in the field of education. His parents both worked at Kingdown School and his two younger sisters are both teachers. His only son is away studying at the University of Leicester.

He is a director of Warminster Preservation Trust and  has been an enthusiastic and regular supporter of the WETS programme initiated by George Jolley and Chris March.

"While I've been happy to join in with the WETS scheme it ws a little galling after I had suggested  something similar at the annual parish meeting when Dorothea Sultana was the mayor, only to be told byTony Nicklin that it wasn't needed as we already had an anti-litter group in the town," he said.

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