These are the latest independent bulletins about what is going on in the council chambers at Warminster and Trowbridge as we hear or read about them.

Translated where necessary from 'councilspeak' into plain English.

It will also include issues and ideas that Independent town councillors Stacie Allensby, Paul Macdonald and John Syme hear about from the residents of Warminster that should be considered by local authorities.


  • Warminster Town Council help local good causes with grants. Applications needed by Monday 21st June. Tory leader distances them from 'Conservatives Rule' letter in the Warminster Journal. Town will be asked to help Wiltshire Council and the Police deal with speeding tomorrow. (3/6)
  • Letter delivered to Hillbourne Close residents about dangerous junction and speeding issues. A good turn out of Imber Road residents today. A resident has agreed to be be their contact point.(02/06)
  • Bank holiday break. Cllr. Paul Macdonald delivers a letter to residents of Imber Road. Road surface unacceptable and extremely dangerous. How else can he help? (01/06)
  • Bank holiday break. Independent councillors still approachable. Speeding and noisy cars being reported to the police by Cllr. John Syme. Grit bins complaints. Are they going to be filled? The list of new ones needed grows. (31/5)
  • Cllr. Paul Macdonald will seek answers. Speeding and 'boy racing' is a major issue. Portable Sids (Speed Indication Devices) are now on the cards again. (29/5)
  • Residents who like to enjoy the town park have contacted Cllr. Paul Macdonald about missing. damaged, and unusable seats (overgrown by nettles) from the top of The Ridgeway. Outspoken Cllr Stacie Allensby has had a call from a Tory councillor apologising for a letter in the Warminster Journal. 'Conservatives Rule'. ((28/5)
  • Independent town councillors are reporting blocked gullies as part of their pro-active approach and lessons learnt. Three cleared yesterday. Two need another visit.  Street lamps not working are being reported as well. (27/5)
  • Cllr. Paul Macdonald invited county councillor Bill Parks to meet with him at the Hillbourne Close Junction with Copheap Lane. They agreed something needs to be done and they will work with both the town council and Unitary council. (26/5)
  • Cllr. Stacie Allensby was proposed and seconded to be vice-chairman of the Parks and Estates Committee last night. Unanimous vote in favour. Cllr. Sue Fraser is chairman. Both the Imber Road and the Upper Marsh Road surface complaints reported by Cllr. Macdonald have been rejected by Wiltshire Council. (25/5)
  • A trip hazard has been made safe after Cllr. John Syme reported it. He called out Wessex Water who arrived within a couple of hours even though it was not their responsilibility. Cllrs Allensby and Macdonald visit town park before committee meeting tonight. Areas identified for extra picnic benches. They want public consultation about putting green. (24/5)
  • Cllr. Paul Macdonald has been checking on pothole complaints (23/5). Wiltshire Council have a parish steward allocated to the town. The town council regularly give him a list of tasks that need attention. Paul will ask if this could be added as a priority to those works. Please nominate your worst example. e-mail cllr. [email protected]
  • The request to Wiltshire Council to remove a nuisance tree on their land next to her home has landed a single mum with a demand for £400. Cllr. John Syme is taking up the issue (22/5).
  • Concerned Grovelands estate residents have started contacting Independent Councillor Stacie Allensby about a planning application. She met one today. She is urging local people to comment urgently on the plan lodged 5 weeks (2021/03889) on land that she knows is totally unsuitable on the Wiltshire Council website as the decision could be taken in July.
  • The dangerous state of Imber Road from its junction with Fairfield Road to  East Street making it too unsafe for cyclists to use has been reported with a demand for urgent attention by Cllr. Paul Macdonald (21/5).
  • Cllr John Syme has been in touch with Wiltshire Council (20/5). They have extended the consultation period for the Damask Way application. The newly chosen town council planning committee including three new Independent members can now get it on the agenda again.

  • The putting green golf balls may be rolling into their holes for the last time as picnic tables are demanded is a decision for Parks and Estates committee councillors next Monday 24th May 2021. They face a multiple choice question. Keep putting, half picnic area, or hand it all over to snackers.

  • Today (19/5/21) Cllr. John Syme met with residents living near the Tesco Express to hear of their concerns. Cllr. Paul Macdonald, who sits on the Community area transport group, met with a resident concerned about a dangerous road layout, and a resident complaining that parking issues caused problems to ambulance crews trying to attend.
  • Town Council history was made at their Mayor making tonight (17/5/21). Rubber stamping which member should be the next incumbent did not happen. Independents Cllrs John Syme and Stacie Allensby proposed Paul Macdonald for the role. Council went straight to the vote without allowing either candidate to say why they would be a good Mayor. Tory Cllr Jeffries elected.
  • The HSBC Bank (formerly Midland Bank) has fallen out of favour with Warminster Town Council having its service being described as 'poor' in a report being presented town councillors on Monday night (17/05/21). The Unity Trust Bank plc which claims to be 'ethical' needs the thumbs-up. Update Agreed. Cllr. Macdonald asked why Lloyds Bank was not considered.
  • Warminster good causes will need to prick up their ears as it will be revealed that the grants budget is underspent and town councillors are to vote on keeping the underspend for using in their newly elected year. (Full town council meeting (17/5/21).
  • The town council have traditionally appointed members to 'outside bodies' to improve communication between them and the council. The list is shrinking and now needs updating to reflect how new organisations the town council can support their work. Cllr. Paul Macdonald has given advice to one good cause and is happy to meet with others. Update WAG is now on board.
  • Do you know of a bin that needs replacing or repaired? A town council commitee that is going to be recycled on Monday held on April 12th decided during the local council elections that £3000 be set aside which will be no doubt be welcome three new councillors who at the same time called for the dual use bins in the town park to take the place of all bins across the town.
  • Cllr. John Syme is taking a close look at the Damask Way 20/07214/REM application. The consultation has been extended until 28th May. Cllr. Paul Macdonald will ask that this be extended further until after the next town council planning meeting in June to allow the new councillors their say. A Sustainable Warminster petition signed by both Paul and John is still running.