Town Events 2009-13

Warminster Carnival 2009

(October 31, 2009)
  A WINDOW in the autumnal gales meant that Warminster was blessed carn1once again with a dry and warm evening for the carnival procession.

It was also Hallowe'en.

This year the carnival lasted just under two hours and the floats were if anything bigger, longer and more extravagantly illuminated than ever before.

Warminster Carnival is now by far the biggest in Wiltshire and attracts people from a wide area to enjoy the show, which last year raised more than two thousand pounds for local charities.

There were the usual show stealers.

No carnival is complete without Andrew Davis and this year he excelled carn davishimself with his version of the spirit of St George.

But the legend says you are supposed to slay the dragon rather than ride it - well nobody told Andrew.

At the front of the procession was the gaggle of town criers who rang their bells and shouted out to alert anyone who wasn't already aware that the carnival was under way.

Possible Star Wars fan, mayor Tony Nicklin, was riding bareback on a soft-top Mercedes with what seemed to be a blue light sabre - was it Luke Skywalker's or Obi Wan Canobe's?

carnfrontThe most amusing float was undoubtedly the one with the collection of A list stars of film and stage who were not quite what they seemed.

Marilyn Manroe's skirt flew up in the air just as in Some Like it Hot - but was what was revealed sent a cold shiver down the spine.

Likewise Elton Joan looked more capable of making a crocodile croak than rock.

This year the carnival co-incided with Halloween and there was a fair few ghouls and ghost on board many of the floats.

One knock on benefit of the coincidence appears to have been that there carn11was little or no trick or treating in the town this year.


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