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St George's Day 2010

(May 02, 2010)

WARMINSTER'S efforts to get its name on the map as the place that celebrates St George's Day the most got off to a flying start this year as several thousand people gathered to watch the inaugural parade.
The event was given official blessing by the presence of the Queen's representative in the county, Lord Lieutenant John Bush, who took the salute as scores of uniformed representatives passed by.
Heading the procession was town crier Phil Seddon who was drowned out for once by a military band and given his marching orders by Captain Tony Adams who was leading the Light Cavalry Band in the parade. (pictured)
A company of soldiers from 3 Yorkshire Regiment dressed in desert fatigues and just returned from a six month tour of duty in Afghanistan, marched behind the band.
The Yorkshire soldiers are based at Warminster's Battlesbury Barracks but were well below full strength as their return from the Middle East has been disrupted by the volcano ash cloud.
Old soldiers, many drawn from the old Wiltshire Regiment and The Duke of Edinburgh's, were led by county British Legion chief Dennis Compton from Shrewton.
''The pavements rapidly filled up from 10.30am to watch the procession set off from The Close at 11am on what is traditionally the busy market day on a Friday,'' said Paul Macdonald, who had watched the event build up a head of steam.
pp4''Businesses, schools and playgroups all took part having a 'red and white' day to celebrate the English patron saint.
 ''St George's Day committee chairman Nick Pitcher, who runs the Prestbury Sports Bar in The Close, came up with the idea of the event.
 ''He succeeded in 'wanting to make Warminster the town known for really celebrating St George's Day.''
Steve Dancey, who took the day off work to watch the march today, said: ''I must admit to having mixed feelings about this event but on balance it seems to have cheered people up, brought the streets alive and hopefully given our hard pressed town centre traders a boost.''

Pictured above: Residents from all walks of life thronged the streets and the widened pavements allowed Kathleen Winstone, Daphne Kirk, Joan Calvert and Mary Button helped by Paul Battershill and Nicola Welch from Henford House the opportunity to safely wave the flag.
Below: All along the roads young and old enjoyed the sunshine as they chatted away waiting for the parade as Kath Mathias (left to right) joined Maureen Still and her one-year-old grandchild Orkan Arslan, with flag waving Shiley Southgate and Helena Whatley with two-year-old Isla Whatley


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