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Festival of Cycling 2013

(June 30, 2013)

Warminster Wobble 2013

 The Festival of Cycling weekend in Warminster for the fifth year running!

Wobble 2013

  Two wheels went spinning their way around the Lakeside Pleasure Grounds in Warminster and then out into the countryside over the two days of a festival organised by the local cycle group.

Wobble 019  It attracted everything from the challenge of 'Wacky Races' to a 77-year-old first-timer, an attempt at a national record, and an almost 'Wimbledon' like photo opportunity of a spectator looking down on the tennis courts and the Warminster Wobble.

  Officially opened by the Mayor 'Biker Batchelor' as one onlooker jested the Saturday fun day was a mixture of cycles, re-cycles, mountain bikes and as the sun shone down on the scene the chnace to explore more other energetic pastimes.

 Wobble 009a"As I wandered around on the Saturday I liked the local participation that was supported by the wider interest ," sasys Paul Macdonald.

 The first cycles that caught the eye was the 'Wacky Races' array on the right.

  Kai had a challenging set of wheels to navigate around the tarmac.

  "I tried it and riding the bike to the left of the picture have to say that it was a real challenge," said Cllr. Nick Dombkowski supporting the event earlier helping to set up.

Wobble 012  Kingdown School pupils are on a mission to help in Tanzania. I t saw their cake sales and face painting add to the  marathon static bicycle ride at a local supermarket as part of their efforts.

  At the Warminster Wobble another group of Kingdown students put up a stall supported by three generations of of a family.

  "I think they raised a three figure sum," said 'grandfather 'Gordon Evans (pictured right). "I was so pleased for my Saarh and Beth."

  The Warminster Wobble provided a variety of ofther opprtunitites for the youngsters that had an artistic enthusiasm.

Wobble Art 002  Another popular attraction was the 'Wobble Wall' which gave the younger visitors the chance to spray away to satisfy their artistic talent and urge to be a 'bit creative'.

  On the other side of the town park the bouncy castle people had tunred up and those that wanted to pedal in a different way soon took like ducks to the water adding to the actvity atmosphere in their family excursions around the lake.

  Walking around with a microphone an announcer soon arrived at the bandstand area.

 The fun day added a chance to sample the delights of the epee thanks to the Warminster Fencing Club and the artistic use of items on a mural that would normally be discarded into the black box or household bin at a re-cycling stall.

Wobble 023a "On the Sunday it was a time to enjoy a choice of three 'Tour de Countryside' rides setting off from the bandstand," says Paul.

 "Just before the pedal-off I was delighted to meet 77-year-old Jack Harrison as a newcomer not only to the wobble but as a new resident to our town."

  His first experience of riding a bike after his schooldays was as an entrant to a carnival as a French onion seller.

  "That carnival was my first time in fifty years on two wheels," said Jack. "For my 65th birthday my family bought me a bicycle and here I am now."

Wobble Art 008  Recycling played a part in the fun day on Saturday as Heytesbury sculpture Anthony Wilson showed to passing visitors including Emma Croft from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust who herself had a stall using discarded materials to create a community collage (photo in Transition Town). 

Wobble 037  The final photo catches the spirit of the event with a family cycling  along using their legs to provide power for six wheels as the final participants to set off towards Tytherington and Heytesbury on the gentlest of rides available.

  The only disappointment was the windy conditions which meant that the world record attempt was hampered but there is always next year.

  "Another thumbs-up for all that is good about Warminster and the way the community come together at our wonderful town park," said Paul Macdonald to the organisers.



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