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Thirsty One Degrees of Fun

(July 13, 2013)

St. Johns Fete 13 CollageThe weather could not have been better as the St. John's School Fete provided the perfect opportunity to enjoy the weather in a time-honoured way as the season of school summer fetes get underway.

"It was a thirsty 31 degrees of heat as I arrived just before the start," said Paul Macdonald.

4th Gen Dombk 001A 50p piece gained entrance as the memories came flooding back and for many it was a chance to see the new look to the school as it adds more teaching space and replaces 'temporary' classrooms that last for decades.

There in front of Paul was four generations of a family with decades of strong connections to the school.

"My son Richard was the first to come here." said Great, Grandmaother Gwen Dombkowsi (pictured top left).

Joining her were  Janet, Shania, Krysten, Sam and Beth.

"The school field was pretty much the same as when I ran in the parents race at sports day donkey's years ago and was again the perfect home to a variety of tables and enjoyable displays,"added Paul.

St.Johns Fete 019 The DJ for the day Oliver Head whose announcement  'let us put our hands together for the display now satarting' heralded the time-honoured tradition at the school fete of children dancing (pictured right).

  "I have photos of our Chelsea and Debra doing this when they were at the school," said Paul.

St.Johns Fete 018 "Balloons, Balloons, who wants colourtul balloons," words being shouted by Kathy Hornsey (pictured below) soon attracted children time after time again.

 St. John's School enjoyed the hot weather with an ice cream van at the driveway that leads to the new build that is going on.

 For  many it was a real eye-opener to how much change is going on.

  It was their first chance to get a behind the scenes look at how the school will now have modern offices and classrooms and how its heart has moved further away from the main road.


One group who uses the school to train in their martial art is the 'Chimsar' shotokan karate enthusiasts. They provided a display of their moves that they practice there.

Shotokan 13 Collage 001The very young novices through to those who hold the well-known blackbelt put themselves through an energetic sun-drenched display.

The group gathers at three venues at  various times of the week under the guidance of chief instructor Peter Perrin.

St. Johns Fete 022 The were many happy young faces and many young words of excitement at the fete.

 Eleanor, the lucky winner of  'Mrs. Taylor's Treasure Hunt' (pictured right), skipped away after receiving her prize unable to contain her excitement exclaiming ''Yippee! I've a big box'.

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