Town Events 2009-13

Musical 'Vitality' Inspiration

(August 05, 2013)

 The Lake Pleasure Grounds on Sunday in Warminster attracted hundreds hour after hour to enjoy listening to music and watch the dancing in the park from the spectators and 'Vitality' from Kingdown School.

MIP Collage 001  The weather was 'not the best' said a steward with a lot of grey clouds in evidence  and at times plenty of cold drizzle.

  The bandstand was the main attraction thanks to the efforts of members of 'Enterprise Warminster' which is supported by the town council.

Town Park Area 53a  It hosted local bands who played a variety of original work and 'covers' of famous bands. There was a wonderful mixture of spectactors in the audience including Mary (pictured with family and friends top right) who happily accepted the title 'the oldest rocker in town.







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