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Nag's Head to open as a curry house

(December 08, 2016)

A CLOSED public house in Warminster is to re-open its doors by Easter following a transformation into a curry house.

The Nags Head in Portway has been a traditional old-style pub for many years and had a loyal following but times and tastes change and spicy is now the order of the day.

The building has been bought by Chris Pitcher from The Fox and Hounds pub at Boot Hill  in Warminster, while the new business will be run by a family company who have a number of other popular outlets, including ones in Trowbridge and Westbury.

VFW's Steve Dancey said: "With the pub closed for such a long time there were concerns that it could be lost as a public facility.

"Chris and his wife Marion already have a good track record over several years when it comes to running pubs successfully so I suspect this latest venture will prove to be a hit with the public.

"I'm told the new venture will be open by the spring."

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