RELATIVELY few opportunities for employment now exist in Warminster in comparison with the situation that existed here in the past or in comparison ... [MORE]

2. Policing and anti-socialbehaviour November 20, 2009
DURING our formative years in the 1960s respect for the police and other members of the community was taken for granted but that is no longer t... [MORE]

*SEE ALSO CORE STRATEGY IN MAJOR TOWN ISSUES SECTION WARMINSTER is still very much a market town but the bucolic image of yesteryear needs to be ... [MORE]

4. Civic Pride November 20, 2009
PEOPLE who have pride in their community nurture and cherish it and try to improve life for others less fortunate than themselves. ... [MORE]

5. YOUNG PEOPLE November 20, 2009
IT is a sad fact that the greatest ambition of many of our young people is to leave Warminster at the age of 18 or 19 and never to return. ... [MORE]

6. Older people November 20, 2009
IN the Nineteenth Century Britain underwent a demographic transition which resulted in a vast expansion of the working age population. That... [MORE]

8. THE X-FACTOR - the battle for local democracy November 20, 2009
The X-Factor -the battle for grassroots democracy   AS a nation we are rightly known as the mother of democracy but so much of what happ... [MORE]

9. Community Makeover November 20, 2009
PREVIOUS generations have left their mark on Warminster in the shape of the many historic buildings which grace the town. Figures as emi... [MORE]

9a. HOUSING - Time to take action November 20, 2009
PROVIDING the correct number of and mix of homes for Warminster’s population is almost as difficult as providing the optimum number of homes for... [MORE]

9b. Transport November 20, 2009
A LOOK back through economic history soon reveals the important role transport plays in creating and maintaining prosperity. In the Eighteent... [MORE]

9c. Tourism November 20, 2009
AN IMPORTANT part of our town's future is the creation of national and international interest in visiting Warminster not just merely passing it wi... [MORE]

9.d GREEN ISSUES November 20, 2009
THIS website contains almost 50,000 words and even if we had devoted them all to the subject of the environment then we would still only just be s... [MORE]