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Tory support laments poor quality of local Conservatives

(April 26, 2017)

A LIFELONG Conservative supporter and website blogger says he has already voted for Independents because of the poor quality of local Tories.

The editor of Warminster Web will back MP Andrew Murrison in June's general election but says sadly that we have very poor Conservative councils in Warminster and Wiltshire.

Independent councillors represent local opinion better, he asserts.

Issues he cites include the huge sums channelled into the radio station, the assembly room outrage, and a lack of respect for democracy.

Steve Dancey an independent candidate, said:  "We'll soon see whether many others share this blogger's opinion.

"At least there is a meaningful election in 2017 - uinlike in 2013 when only those living in Warminster east had a realistic, meaningful election and dumped as many of the  Tories as was possible.

"I'm looking forward to seeing many new faces on the town council and perhaps a few new ones at County Hall as well."

See Simon's comments on Warminster Web.

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