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Council Green Light to Controversial Development

(January 24, 2018)

Controversial plans for a development on a buffer zone between the Grovelands Way estate and the future massive West Urban extension in Warminster today now has the support of planners at county hall.

Described as a continuing care retirement community it will put a care home, apartments, and bungalows on the five hectare wetland area.

Despite opposition to the proposals from residents Wiltshire Council today have made public their support for the plans despite their own core strategy policy that designated the land as unavailable for development.

The developer will raise the land by 500mm hoping that will deal with the land being known locally as an area that is very wet.

Warminster Town Council did not back local residents by four votes to one . proposed by Cllr. Nicklin and seconded by Cllr. Jolley. in their battle supporting the developer if flooding and rights of way were not a problem.

Three years ago when the council had more Independent members it rejected 175 homes on the same area.

"I did not support this because it drove a horse and cart through all the work that had been put into the county core strategy and the town council's own neighbourhood plan," explained Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"I pointed out that it now means those important documents are not worth the paper they are written on.

"I might have supported an exception case for just a care home but this is overdevelopment way over that."

Subject to conditions and legal agreements the site will see a 48 bed care home, 48 supported extra care apartments, 39 private apartment and 45 retirement bungalows.

The developer has also offered to build a medical centre with a chemists and move the disputed children's play area.

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