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Is the Milkman the green answer to plastic pollution?

(January 30, 2018)

Can the milkman be a major green answer to the problems being caused by plastic throwaway bottles is the question being asked by a Warminster town councillor.

"It is time that we turned the clock back to the seventies when the doorstep delivery of fresh milk in glass bottles reached 19 out of 20 households," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"Now it is about three or four homes in 100. This change in our habits would have a hugh impact on this issue"

It is estimated in the UK that the increase in plastic use for bottles has reached a staggering 750 million every year.

"I am one of those three or four households where our milk is delivered by a local dairy in glass bottles," added Paul

"They are taken away, washed and re-used time after time and rarely have we broken on and I have never picked on up during my regular litter picks.

"I actually think it tastes different from milk in plastic bottles. It provides employment and I know that all the milk is from local farms supporting them as well.

"I know that my milk costs a few extra pence for each pint but for our household that is about one pound each week.

"I urge everyone to stop buying milk in plastic bottles and switch to the local milkman."

*Paul uses the Dairy Home Team based at Standerwick 01373 831489.

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