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Fitness for Purpose Question Posed

(May 27, 2020)

All day long the pavements of Warminster and some of the country lanes and escape routes from the town are being pounded by running feet as fresh air exercise competes with indoor fitness videos.

In the midst of all this is a forgotten gym that is very safe to use sensibly whatever the current coronavirus guidance is being advised and is it fit for purpose a community campaigner is asking.

“We as a community have worked hard to improve the recreational opportunities at Queensway,” says former councillor Paul Macdonald.

148"As part of efforts as a town councillor supporting local residents we now have three seperate areas. One for young children, one for older children, and one even us oldies.

“Almost a month ago the government started encouraging the parents of Year One children to let their kids go back to school but advised local town councils to frown on them using play areas and their parents use the outside gym.”

Paul first contacted the town council on Tuesday 21st of April asking about using the fitness equipment provided during his time as a town councillor. The town council parks and open spaces manager replied ‘I am afraid the guidance is for parks to be open.

‘This is parks as in the lake pleasure grounds not play areas or outdoor gyms which we have been instructed to close. I have checked and the guidance has not changed. As soon as we are able to open the play areas we will.’

Fitness Opportunities

This week the former Liberal councillor got back in touch to seek new information on the  current use of outdoor spaces.

“I have today contacted the town council again about the outside gym and with suitable signage I would like to think it can accessible as part of a fresh air fitness programme.,” says Paul.

‘I am cautiously pleased that the skate park is now in use and the town park as far as I am awareis being used sensibly. I would ask you to  now again consider the use of the outside gym at Queensway,’ Paul messaged in an e-mail.

"If well paid Premiership footballers are being encouraged to go back into training why should those of our community who want to use their time to exercise in this way be discouraged?

‘It is good to see so many people exercising by running along the pavements and lanes in and around Warminster.

‘Could this minor contribution to the welfare of our community be promoted with suitable  precautionary signage about ‘Stay safe/Stay Alert’ in place.’

The town council parks and open spaces manager has agreed to keep this under review.

“The new advice from the government is ‘Stay Alert’, added Paul. “Does that mean I stay alert to a wasted opportunity to sensibly use an outside gym?”

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