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Get on your Bikes Call

(June 08, 2020)

The town’s annual cycling ‘Wobble’ event is now a favourite among two-wheelers all over Wiltshire and Dorset, according to former councillor Paul Macdonald.

Wobble 2013

Town councillors in Warminster are being urged to claim their fair share of government grants and ‘get on their bikes’ to make cycling and walking safer through the town.

Wiltshire Council submitted five schemes to encourage cycling and walking for government funding which will use up their first allocation of £277,000 and not one of them features Warminster.

The number of cars on the road has fell considerably in recent months seeing more people walking and cycling for exercise and to travel to essential work.

Lockdown restrictions are being eased making it more dangerous in many people’s eyes to walk or cycle safely and maintain the two metre social distancing requirement.

The five schemes will help Salisbury, Chippenham, Bradford-on-avon, Purton and Trowbridge.

“I personally believe there is a strong case to be made that Smallbrook Road that links Henfords Marsh to Gypsy Lane should be made a no through road,” says former ward councilor Paul Macdonald.

“It is quite clearly a dangerous rat run posing a definite danger to cyclists which only needs local access to Wheelers Lane, a public utilities building and the Smallbrook Nature Reserve car park.

“I was once forced into a pothole by a speeding boy racer sending me sprawling into bushes leaving me with grazes.

“Just as in Woodcock Lane and The Avenue bollards at the right local could ensure that local access continues but this road is enjoyed safely by cyclists and walkers including visiting keen cyclists from far and wide on their bikes using the Wiltshire Cycleway that runs along there.”

Wiltshire Council have 18 teams based on community areas looking for more suggestions from residents and local groups as they are expecting £900,000 to funds new schemes.

“The cost of providing a few bollards and some no through road signage will be a tiny fraction of that but the cost benefit will be huge,” added Paul.

"I believe that the town council are ideally placed to play a leading role in drawing together a package of ideas to forward to the county council for support just as they did in getting the 30mph limit for Smallbrook Road.

"I ask the town council to get on their bikes or put on their walking shoes and take the next step forward while this unique opportunity exists."

*Anyone with suggestions for potential sites should email [email protected].

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