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Coronavirus 'Bubble' Joy Arrives in Warminster

(June 16, 2020)

Family and friends ‘bubbles’ are a real step forward for many residents in Warminster as grandparents can now visit their grandchildren and children and not be restricted to being outside or over six feet away.

Lorrine Bubble 001Granny Lorraine Berridge, who has spent week after week in isolation as advised by the government, is delighted that the rules have now been relaxed enough to properly let her visit her daughter Una and three of her grandchildren.

“It was like all my Christmases and birthdays coming together,“ said Lorraine.

“When my granddaughter told me last Wednesday I might be able to come for the day I was really over the moon.

“I couldn't sleep. And then when it was said I could stay for the weekend I almost cried.”   

Una , her husband Craig and their children Poppy, Logan and James live a five minute walk away on the same housing estate and have kept in touch mostly by phone and social media.

After over 80 days of distancing having before the lockdown enjoying almost daily meet-ups and face to face chats the chance to get back a little bit more normality has put a big smile on the faces of this family.

“It was with great excitement that I learned that we could offer a support bubble to a single person and it could be ever be my mum, “ said Una.

“Mum had been on her own for 12 weeks,. This week we wouldn't have to deliver her Sunday dinner.

“She could take her rightful place at our table.“

The family celebrated the first day on Saturday by having a steak dinner with all the trimmings.

“I was acutely aware of how hard mum was finding the isolation and a socially distanced chat in the garden wasn’t lifting her spirits!

“Its been wonderful for the whole family to welcome her back.”

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