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Major Supermarket Looks To Warminster

(July 05, 2020)

A major supermarket is hoping to build new stores and Warminster is a town that is on its radar as a possible location if conditions are right.

Aldi already has more than 880 stores across the UK and is looking for new locations.

“This could be very good news for our town and I believe local councillors should immediately put this top of their agenda,” said former economic development councillor Paul Macdonald.

“We need the town council development committee to get Wiltshire Council around the table to look at all possibilities and one springs to mind immediately.

“The earmarked employment land in the Western Urban Extension.

“The development committee are not due to meet until October. I think they should hold a special meeting quickly.”

Aldi are looking for freehold town-centre or edge-of-centre sites suitable for development with over an acre of land to house a large shop with space for about 100  cars to park.

“Aldi is growing rapidly and we are welcoming around a million new customers into our stores every year,” explained property director Ciaran Aldridge

“But there are also hundreds of towns across the UK where there is not an Aldi.

He wants to bring the Aldi shopping experience closer to more families.

“We are willing to explore all opportunities, including developer-led schemes or existing retail units,” added Mr. Aldridge.

Warminster is on a list of nine Wiltshire towns that that could gain a new employer with Aldi at Westbury currently a favourite for some local shoppers.

“In the 1990s I chaired the Crusader Park working group to get that moving,” added Paul. “Maybe it is time we had a name for a working group to promote the proposed future employment land.

“I mostly hear about plans for houses and a school but nothing about jobs,"  claimed Paul. "Now is the time to be pro-active rather than wait and see what happens.”

The mayor of Warminster, councillor Chris Robbins, has welcomed the interest.

"I will make sure all the chairs of the committees look at this," he said. "It can only be good for our town and could create 80 or more jobs."

"If they are interested in the land we have available it would be great for Warminster."


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