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Floodgates of objections Opened by Incineration Plan

(September 16, 2020)

Warminster Town Council have added their voice to the chorus of objections from the MP, local town and parish councils,and nearly 300 residents formally responding to plans by Northacre Renewable Energy to abandon their approved gasification plans for Westbury and go for conventional incineration

“We have recognised (sic) refusal due to a number of constraints particularly with respect to the amount of traffic and the discharge of the plume the local housing elements,” said planning committee chairman Cllr. Tony Nicklin on Monday night.

He had explained earlier that the committee was only an advisory committee and they could only make a recommendation to county hall.

“Is this something we should continue to provide objection to Wiltshire Council?”

“There are other ways of doing it,” said Cllr. Chris Spender proposing objection.

“The council meeting here should stick by what it said before and refuse it.”

Warminster has now joined Westbury town council, Bradford-on-avon town, North Bradley parish council, and Dr. Andrew Murrison MP in giving the new planning application the thumbs down.

At the centre of the uproar is the how waste can be changed into energy.

Letters of objection are pouring at the rate of 25 each day with the closing date for representations set for Tuesday 22nd September.

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