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Voters Choice Assured At The Last MInute

(April 10, 2021)

Conservative domination of Warminster Town Council will be challenged in May as independent minded campaigners target wards all currently monopolised by Tory councillors.

They are also challenging for seats on Wiltshire Council - also dominated by the governing party in Warminster.

Nominations have now closed in both contests and election officials have just published the details.

In the Warminster East division Independent Paul Macdonald is challenging sitting Conservative councillor Andrew Davis for the third consecutive time.

He narrowly missed out on winning here in the past, only thwarted by the Conservative in-built advantage of the postal vote system.

Paul, who is also contesting the East ward on the town council which he made his for ten years in the past including serving as deputy mayor, said:  "It was also at the last minute that I decided to offer my services to the community again.

"A few eye-opening conversations about what is going on at our local councils was enough."

In the Warminster Broadway division the Independent county council hope is a former hardworking councillor, who has won time after time in the past.

John Syme hopes to oust Mr. Tony Jackson, a Conservative Wiltshire councillor, and also will hope to be one of the successful candidates running for three seats on the town council. Mr. Jackson is not running for the town council vacancies.

"Thank goodness I did this," said John "We Independents have given the chance to residents in the town to have a choice."

In Warminster West local businesswoman Stacie Allensby has come forward for the second time in a bid to oust Pip Ridout, who is defending the seat for the Conservatives.

Mrs Ridout, a former Mayor, has not sought re-election to the town council having made pointed remarks about recent financial decisions.

In the town council contest for the Warminster West ward six candidates are bidding for the four seats, including Stacie and also Pound Street resident Malcolm Mellersh.

They will be hoping to repeat the success of 2013 when a single Independent candidate was successful in skittling out Tory standard bearer Tony Nicklin. Maybe lightning will strike twice here.

There are no party political candidates candidates for the town council other than the Conservatives but Liberal Democrats and Greens are fighting the Wiltshire council seats around Warminster.

Unfortunately none of the Green or Lib Dem candidates have their home address details included for public scrutiny.

'So much for open government and transparency!' was a local resident's complaint.

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