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Putting Green Saved For Next Generation

(May 25, 2021)

A popularity contest discussed at a meeting of the Warminster town council about what is best for the future of an increasingly unique feature of a town park nationally swung one way then the other.

The putting green area has proved popular with the public since a table was moved there along with two others to meet covid-safe open air demands from the government attracting a new use.

Family picnics now have three to use.

“I am sure that a public consultation carried out a few years ago by the Friends of the Park put the skate park top and then the putting green second,” said councillor Bill Parks.

Town councillors were asked to consider three options. Do nothing, divide  the area into two, or picnic area only.

“Myself and councillor Allensby actually went down to the town park this morning without taking away the putting green as our option,” said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

They wanted the hardstanding areas available where the tea hut used to be and at the side of the replacement tea hut to be considered first.

The options went back and forth.

“Keep the nine hole putting green that councillor Parks rightly told us was popular and include picnics.” argued Cllr. Macdonald pointing out that the tables could placed where they did not get in the way of those using the putting green rather than dividing the area half and half.

A council officer agreed that the planting of more shrubs could achieve that aim.

Councillor Fryer asked about benches which he preferred but heard that ‘youths pick them up because they are lighter’ and that they end up in the hedges and shrubs around the park.

“I believe that we should go for the tables,” said Cllr Macdonald bringing the discussion to a close. “I suggest that during times when people are happy to sit on the grass some of tables are moved to near the tennis courts and tea hut.

“I propose £1600 for four picnic tables and £200 for shrubs.”

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of his compromise proposal which was seconded by Cllr. Allensby and keeps the nine hole putting green for the next generation to enjoy.


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