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Planning Gain Town Centre Housing Hopes

(July 21, 2021)

Applications at county hall for fourteen new town houses and flats in Warminster have gained favour with Warminster town councillors after one planning advisory committee member enthusiastically described the proposals for two small rundown and derelict areas in the town centre as ‘planning gain’.


Councillors on Monday were responding to plans to put up flats in The Close on land opposite the youth centre hidden away behind a wall which sees fly tipping, and a ribbon development up Carson’s Yard in East Street, on the right.


“I think this is an interesting opportunity for what looks a derelict site,” said Cllr. Paul Macdonald about the six flats in the Close between the Old Fire Station and the High Street.


“I think it as mainly been used as a car park and for fly tipping.

“We have had several developments over the years using brownfield sites to provide town accommodation. This actually comes with a bit of car parking as well.


“I actually see this as planning gain and it will address a particular issue. The availability of this sort of property.”

Councillor Steve Jefferies was happy to support the proposal that no objection be raised provided the assurance by the applicant that the two reasons a previous application had failed had been addressed.


Chairman of the committee Cllr. John Syme was concerned that The Close is a one-way street. Councillor Phill Keeble reminded the meeting that the town development committee was looking into those issues.

Councillor Macdonald views were supported unanimously.


The planning advisory committee were also presented with a request for their views on a proposal for eight houses on land next to a lane and thoroughfare behind East Street known as Carson’s Yard that has long been viewed as a problem.


“This is planning gain again,” said the ward member Cllr. Paul Macdonald.


“This is a pretty rough looking area and what I am actually hoping is the road surface up there will be properly tarmacked because it is used by pedestrians coming down from the Ridgeway and there are so many trip hazards.


“The development matches The Orchard as it is called behind Robbins the Butchers which is a terraced development. Further up on the left there has been a similar development.

“These are town houses that this town needs and there is provision for parking so I think all bases are covered,” argued Cllr. Macdonald who proposed supporting the idea.


“I hope the road will be be tarmacked all the way to the top is an additional note that I hope the town clerk will add,” said Cllr. John Syme who seconded the proposal.


Both proposals were unanimously supported and the final decisions will be taken in Trowbridge.


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