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Christmas shopping - keep it local

(November 29, 2008)
HIGH Street shopping has a new appeal in Warminster this Christmas as the arts centre re-opens its shop next door to allow local crafts to be displayed and sold, writes Paul Macdonald.
 The latest showpiece from the Athenaeum runs until December 24th.
Well-known local names like the Wylye Valley's Carolyn Crossman have set up shop providing Christmas present hunters with a unique range of gifts.
 Carolyn's distinctive jewellery is displayed alongside ceramics and pottery from Ed Duckworth and Jo Duggan.
 Other members of the cast include Rachel Jennings and Gaynor Ringland with the promise of contributions from guest artists.
 Interesting little gifts start at £5 making it the ideal spot to start the visit to the town centre.
 This new shopping opportunity in the High Street adds to an already attractive place to visit with the seasonal shopping list in hand.
 Woolies, a jewellers, toy shop, florists, the Factory Shop, a games store, Paul's, Cordens and a computer shop all give those on a mission to buy christmas surprises a wide choice.

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