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This site's popularity continues to grow

(December 06, 2008)
WARMINSTER’S newest website is continuing to attract more interest as the weeks go by.
The latest visitor statistics show that by the end of November there had been more than 8,000 ‘hits’ on the site since its inception - and the co-authors have hardly even promoted it.
In November there were more than 300 unique users and on average 74 pages were read every day.
“I’m very pleased by the way things are going and would hope to have around 1,000 or so unique users by next April,” said Steve Dancey.
The innovative website was launched in September and to date the environment has benefitted because only a few hundred simple A5 leaflets and smaller slips have been delivered.
“One aspect which pleases me is the lack of waste," said Steve
“In the past if you wanted to get your message across you would need to deliver tens of thousands of leaflets, many of which would go straight in the bin or be chewed by a dog seconds after delivery."
"Instead our website mostly relies on e-mails and word of mouth," said Paul Macdonald. "We have not even issued a single press release as this is not a publicity stunt."
The website is simply laid out free of advertising but with several new features that developed over the last few months including a comment option and a 'contact us' area.
“Now we know many people are returning to read the site and from the comments we have received know that we have succeeded in our initial intention of stimulating debate," said Steve.
“There will be further stimulation next year.”

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