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Town council holds mystery meeting

(December 10, 2008)

WARMINSTER Town Council held a special meeting on Monday evening but we can’t tell you much about it as it wasn’t given much advance publicity.

The extraordinary meeting, we believe, was called to discuss the new warding arrangements of the town and the possibility of granting some money to the town hall for urgent repairs.

“I arrived home from work at about 7.15pm to find out that a mystery meeting had been called but was unable to attend,” said Steve Dancey.

“I thought all their meetings were advertised on the town council website but I couldn’t find any trace of it.

“I don’t think they were seeking to keep things secret in any way but if one meeting is advertised on the net then they all should be.”

Paul Macdonald was equally baffled.

"I assume that technically they only have to advertise on their noticeboard outside but this is another example of the town council being out of touch with the 21st century and the way democracy should be moving forward," he said.

We’ll be keeping a weekly watching brief on the Dewey House notice board in future to ensure we don’t miss anything else.

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