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11 more county care homes promised - not here

(January 14, 2009)

GLOUCESTERSHIRE County Council opened a new care home today at Quedgeley as part of a promised £50million investment to expand care for the elderly.

The council says it will build a further 11 new care homes increasing the number of care beds and extra care units, with more specialist high dependency beds to meet the changing demographics of the county.

Today’s new care home will have 80 en suite bedrooms over two floors, 40 of which form a specialist dementia wing.''

The Gloucestershire Care Partnership (GCP) is the council's partner for the development of modern care homes.

It comprises The Orders of St John Care Trust which operates care homes in Wiltshire and a housing association.

“Yet again we have a neighbouring county showing that it cares about its elderly people, especially those suffering from dementia,” said Steve Dancey.

“In our section on older people we have highlighted this issue and the steps taken by another neighbouring county, Hampshire, to meet the need.

“It seems everyone is doing more and getting better treatment than Wiltshire and it isn’t confined to care homes.

“Peer over the county boundary to Somerset and just a few miles down the road in Frome we see they have opened a new hospital - it is in fact our nearest minor injuries unit and the Frome bus goes passed its front door.

“What have we done wrong to get such bad treatment or is it as I increasingly suspect spiteful treatment from a Labour government punishing us for electing Tory MPs at successive elections?”

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