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Information point with (almost) nil information

(January 25, 2009)
IT might not be the height of the tourist season but with Center Parcs claiming it has very high rates of occupancy all year round civic leaders once again appear to have taken their eye off the ball, writes Paul Macdonald.
In the Cornmarket an expensive glass fronted noticeboard has been fitted to a wall opposite Dorothy Perkins proclaiming 'tourist information'.
noticeA quick look at the delights tourists can find in the town finds very little information to excite visitors alongside a cheap and cheerful advert for great bustard shirts with a mobile telephone number.
To add to the poor state of affairs the few sheets that are displayed are well out of date.
It is the height of the year for the pantomime and the very popular gang show as well as host of other cultural events at Athenaeum Theatre.
In contrast the Tourist Information Centre was a little more helpful with its window displays providing some information to help a tourist find essential services.
In the 1991 the newly elected town council recognised the importance of tourism and set up a leisure and tourism committee. checked the town council website to find a councillor with responsibility for tourism to ask for a comment.
The committee no longer exists.

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