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Small shopkeeper puts multi-nationals to shame

(January 31, 2009)
A SMALL businessman has this week made an improvement to his corner shop that will put many a national institution in the town centre to shame, writes Paul Macdonald.
The Newsmarket in Warminster's Boreham Fields is popular particularly with the large population of elderly residents and families with young children in pushchairs who live in the former council housing that surrounds the shop.
The recession is hitting all small businesses hard but it has not stopped store owner Arun Malik from forking out to improve his customers special needs.
Now their way into and out of the shop has been made much easier and safer with the addition of a ramp to the front door.
"It's got to be done," said the owner Arun succinctly.
Now that the pavements are being widened in the town centre perhaps it is time that organisations like the HSBC Bank took another look at the way they treat their disabled customers.

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