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Chopper squad scrambled after town disorder

(February 02, 2009)
A MAJOR army exercise is under way on Salisbury Plain but the very early hours of Saturday morning in Warminster were not disturbed by military flying but the police helicopter, writes Paul Macdonald.
It had been scrambled after another incident of lawlessness to help police officers on the ground with their search for an offender following what was described as 'disorder'.
The call went out to launch the aircraft from its Devizes base at just after 2am.
Within less than 30 minutes the offender was located in an open area of the town and with the copter hovering above local officers apprehended and arrested the alleged lawbreaker.
The unit which doubles as an air ambulance and is partly funded by charity fundraising completed five missions on Saturday
Three were for the police, two in the early hours of the morning, and two were medical emergencies during the day.

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